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The grounds are open daily from dawn until dusk for hiking and nature watching. The Bidwell House is located on a country lane in the rural town of Monterey in the southern Berkshires of Massachusetts. Please explore our website: read about the colonial history of the region, plan to attend Season Events, learn about School Programs, discover fun volunteer opportunities, and much more.

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Fact and Fiction: Imagining the Real World of the Shakers

Before writing her novel, The Visionist, Rachel Urquhart spent years researching 19th-century rural New England and the Shakers who flourished there. What she found were not simply factual truths, but a treasure trove of details, language and events that shaped and made far richer the stories she’d imagined. Her talk will explore how facts can be stranger than fiction.

“The Visionist,” set in rural nineteenth-century New England, is the story of a young girl who finds refuge in a Shaker community after escaping from an abusive home. Within a world of strict moral codes, she begins receiving and transmitting prophetic revelations. A tale of order and chaos, spirituality and mysticism, “The Visionist” is a stunning and meticulously-constructed window into the Shaker world.

The talk will be held Saturday, August 30th at 10 a.m. at the Tyringham Union Church, Main Road, Tyringham. 10 a.m. Suggested donation of $15/$10 for members.

To learn more about Rachel Urquhart and The Visionist, please visit her website.


Board Member John Demos’ new book, The Heathen School, A Story of Hope and Betrayal in the Age of the Early Republic, was recently reviewed by Maureen Corrigan on NPR. You can listen to that review here.

Also, click here to listen to John Demos discuss his book with Frank Sesno of NPR affiliate WAMU.


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