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The Bidwell House Museum offers a variety of year-round programming, both live and virtual, engaging and educating the community with events ranging from gardening to early American history to live music and more.  Click HERE for more information.


Upcoming Events

View our listing of upcoming events, learn about speakers, and purchase tickets. Even if an event is free to the public, registration is generally required.

Click HERE to learn more.




Annual Fundraisers

Every year we hold two fundraisers, one in the summer and the other in the fall, and the proceeds from these help to sustain the Museum throughout the year. Party themes and locations vary from year to year, but gathering with friends is always a constant. In 2024, our fundraiser will be held on August 17 – stay tuned for more details!

If you would like to help support the Bidwell House Museum outside of a fundraiser, please click HERE.





Guided Walks on the BHM Grounds

Explore the 192 acre property of the Bidwell House Museum with a knowledgeable guide, and learn about Native American land use, early settlement of Township #1, forestry, geology, and more. Look for upcoming offerings HERE, and learn more about our grounds and trails HERE.